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we scientifically derived test that helps you understand yourself, your skills & interests at the core level. Our assessments provide the student a way to learn more about his strengths & weaknesses.

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Take our six-dimension assessment to discover career paths that are a perfect match for you. Learn about your strengths and interests in the decisive career traits.

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Connect with a career mentor to get expert advice on streams & subjects. Get all your questions answered at-any-time and narrow down your choices without a doubt in mind.

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Select your streams/career confidently and take the next step towards a perfect career. Get expert support on how to make the best of your strengths and your career.

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“This assessment gave us new insights about our child's interests and abilities. Thanks so much!”
Nikita Desai

Parent (Jaipur)

"An innovative and first-of-its-kind psychology based offering for the young students to discover themselves internally!”
Krishna Sumairajan

Senior Psychologist, DU

“We believe making this a part of our curriculum will help us understand & push every child towards his/her dreams.”
Jaikiran Prasad

Director, Delhi Public School

The Numbers Game

3+ years of research brings you this assessment, crafted with knowledge and passion.




₹ 2500 / Student

Perfect for any student who wants to make sure the test is worth the time.

  • Career Assessment Test (BCAT), Report & Recommended Careers
  • Unlimited Assessment Retakes (Max once per month)
  • Lifetime access to all Bodhi assessments and other material
  • Membership to Bodhi's public counselling related sessions
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₹5000 / Student

Recommended plan for students to shape their career path

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  • Detailed analysis of your assessment
  • Follow-up session with a counsellor after each assessment
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Bodhi Career Assessment Test (BCAT)? BCAT is a career assessment test for school students (classes 6-10) created by career & psychology experts to help a student/parent assess the child's interests and skill set. It helps identify the student's ability in key dimensions covering almost every career opportunity out there.
What is the BCAT Report and how will it help me? The BCAT report, generated after each assessment, gives an insight of the student's skills and ability at that point of time. The report shows the strong & weak aspects of the student and recommends multiple career opportunities based on those aspects.
How many times can I give the assessment? All bodhi plans allow unlimited retakes of the assessment and show the improvement in the student's abilities over a period of time. Since these skills take time & practice to acquire, each student is allowed a maximum of one assessment per month.
What if my dream/career interests are different from the recommended career roles? The BCAT Report recommends the most suitable career options for the student as per the most recent assessment. In case the student wishes to opt for any alternate career, he/she can opt for a counselling session to help understand the skills required for the desired career.
Can multiple students take the assessment from one single account? No! To track the progress of a child's growing abilities, each student has a separate account.
I have more doubts. How can I contact you? You can reach out to us via email ( or call us at +91 9327177677.

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