Art Therapy Camp

16th December 2023

The Indic Center partnered with Enactus, Lady Shriram College for Women, and Tender Heart NGO, Faridabad to hold Mussavir, an Art Therapy camp for children and women of Firozpur Village in Faridabad, Haryana. Children between the ages of about 3 and 6 years participated. Communication and self-discovery and were the focus of the session with the children. May of the women, who were also availing the free medical check-up as a part of the camp, used the opportunity to express their creative self. Some who had not the time for such activity in their daily lives, found it a an opportunity to rediscover they creative child within.
At the end of the camp, Dr Chavi Bhargava Sharma help and impromptu personality assessment session with the volunteers of Lady shri ram College for Women and staff of Tender Heart NGO, who had participated in the camp.

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