Psychotherapy & Counselling

“Conversationists – Talking Cures” is our vertical for psychological counselling and psychotherapy. Talking is cathartic and therapeutic. We provide safe and trusting spaces for people to talk without fear of being judged, shamed, ridiculed or admonished about right and wrong. The trust and confidence reposed by clients in us is a responsibility we take very seriously. Our Counsellors are trained in various techniques of counselling and therapy, and combine western and indic techniques depending on the requirements of the situation. We cater to all age groups.

Bodhi – Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is a valuable tool that helps with recruiting candidates with the best fit, and with the development of existing employees. Tests are designed to assess cognitive abilities, personality traits, and other attributes relevant to job performance and participation of the employee and fit within the organization. Used effectively, tests can help identify the right candidates for specific roles and support ongoing employee growth and performance improvement. We use a battery of scientific, standardized tests, measures and psychological instruments to measure and assess various facets of behaviour, personality, attitude, mental fitness, aptitude, career interests and potential, inherent skill, relationships, adjustment, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, etc.
We are also trained to undertake customized construction of tests for organisations based on the need analysis for its various functions, including recruitment and training. We undertake construction and adaptation of tests for online and offline administration, for educational institutions, corporates and organisations, to help mental health professionals, clients, guardians,and management make informed decisions regarding the issue at hand.

Psychoeducation & Skilling Programs

The gap between requirement and existing mental health professionals in India has been estimated to be over 80%. It is not only a number, there is also the need to scale up the reach of mental health services to towns and rural areas along with cities. The nation requires training and capacity building of primary healthcare workers, teachers, social workers and community members and training them in counseling skills, crisis intervention, and psychological first aid will not only help manage the crisis, but also help in building inclusive classrooms and communities, and acceptance of diversity.
Basic awareness and knowledge about mental health and psychology among students, employees, and the public at large goes a long way in establishing a healthy and productive community.
We conduct internships, mentoring and training in various areas of mental health services under the Psychoeducation & Skilling program.


For a wholesome life, we need to pay attention to all aspects of life. For ease of understanding. 8 dimensions have been identified to understand Wellness: