(Prof.) Dr. Chavi Bhargava Sharma


Prof. (Dr.) Chavi Bhargava Sharma

Prof. (Dr) Chavi Bhargava Sharma is the Founder, mentor and driving force behind “The Indic Center for Psychological Wellness and Holistic Health”, a start-up in the field of mental health focused on proactive Mental Fitness. She is an edupreaneur, academician, researcher, mental health expert and professional with over 30 years of experience, and is very passionate about her subject. She uses every opportunity to build awareness regarding mental fitness and address issues that affect all sections of society with regard to mental health. In her long illustrious career, she has not only set up institutions from ground up, but also contributed to the study and research of psychology and is a well published author. She is also a Mental Health vlogger, and has worked on the ground with people from a wide spectrum of society, has explored various medium and platforms from which to reach out and create awareness. Children, youth and women are closest to her heart as she recognises the long term impact they have on the future of the nation.
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